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Python Course: Beginner

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In 2 intensive days, gain all the skills of a Python expert. Learn how to analyse and visualise data, apply your knowledge to solve exercises, and exhibit a completed case study.

14 hours

2 days

60 exercises

1 case study



Python is a general-purpose programming language that is becoming increasingly more popular. According to a survey by stackoverflow, Python is the fastest-growing and the most desirable language for the third year in a row. Companies all around the world are using Python to harvest insights from their data through predicting the demand for products, building recommendation systems in online stores, or detecting objects in photos and videos.

This course features Python’s application in data to derive insights through descriptive statistics, aggregations, and visualisations.

Course Info

Why Python?

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Easy to learn

Python is a great choice for both beginners and advanced programmers. It’s syntax is highly-readable, teaches proper coding practices, and allows complex functions to be written with only several lines of code.


Extremely powerful

Python’s functionality and flexibility makes it a popular choice across all industries. Whether its data analysis, automation, or web-scraping – Python allows you to import, clean, manipulate, and visualise data.

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Community support

Join a huge community of people already using and developing python. No need to re-create the wheel – Python has a huge store of libraries and functions that will make data analysis easy.

Why Logytic?


Relevant exercises

Focused on using real-world case studies and data. Skills are immediately implementable.


Practical skills

Not just learning code, understand the underlying concepts and learn to apply them in problem solving situations.


Exceptional quality

Highly structured course content, designed by industry professionals to deliver the maximum value. High quality printed material that can be used by students as a reference for continued development.

Course Syllabus

What the course covers?

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for individuals with no prior experience with Python.

What is provided?
  • Coursebook – printed book including examples, exercises, and case study
  • Cheatsheet – reference for important functions
  • Setup Guide – instructions for setting up a database environment
  • Instructor – presentation and guidance from an experienced professional
  • Training Room – equipped with TV/projector and kitchenette facilities
What should I bring?
  • Laptop – Windows or Mac, capable of running Python 3
  • Lunch – optional, as we are located close to a variety of food options

This module introduces the core concepts of Python. Start exploring data by loading it into your environment and learning about data types and structures.

  • Topic 1 – Environment setup and Python packages
  • Understand Python environment and packages that make data analysis easier
  • Topic 2 – Data collection
  • Learn how to store, load and see data with Python
  • Topic 3 – Variables, data types, and structures
  • Learn what data types exist in Python and how these can be referenced
  • Topic 4 – Functions and loops
  • Learn how to be more efficient in data analysis by writing less repetitive code

This module is an introduction to exploratory data analysis, which is essential for businesses and individuals to better understand their data through statistics and data visualisations.

  • Topic 1 – Data manipulation
  • Learn how to filter and aggregate data
  • Topic 2 – Data cleansing and data quality checklist
  • Learn what is data quality and how to increase it
  • Topic 3 – Data visualisation
  • Learn how to present data visually with Python
  • Topic 4 – Statistics with Python
  • Learn how to discover patterns, detect anomalies and structure compelling analyses
  • Topic 1 – Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Learn what is machine learning and how it helps businesses to forecast sales and understand customers
  • Topic 2 – Common use cases of ML in business
  • Learn about practical applications of machine learning in various industries

This module focuses on solving a real life case study prepared by our industry experts. Start applying your newly acquired Python skills to solve problems based on real datasets. Present your findings to your peers and instructor to receive feedback.

Practice makes perfect – After completing your course we will advise you on further steps to reach your goals and develop your knowledge in the data world.

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  • Weekend
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    Melbourne CBD – Ross House
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