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Growing data, means growing opportunities. Whether you are broadening your skills, or optimising your business, you need to be fluent in data. With Logytic you learn how to make data useful. Become proficient in breaking down problems and constructing solutions in a business setting.

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Our Courses

If it’s not useful, we don’t teach it. All our courses are designed from the ground up with the goal of maximising your capability.

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Data Visualisation Course

Communicating the right way!

  • 2 days
  • Weekends
  • 14 spots

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Why Choose Us?


We treat everyone exceptionally

While other companies provide the factory experience, we are focused on cultivating peoples unique skills and abilities. We replace repetitive exercises, with real world problems, and guide you on the journey to the solution. In addition to gathering skills, we want you to have a good experience with us.


We are starting something huge

Data is a wealth of information waiting to be exploited. According to an article by McKinsey , retailers who properly utilise data could increase operating margins by up to 60%. Our courses combine extracting insights from data and applying them in business decision making. We want to see everyone making data useful.


We’re not afraid to do things differently

Our courses create proficient individuals by bridging the gap between theory and application. Real-world case studies are the foundation used to learn technical and business skills. Learn by doing it; proficiency is gained quickly and skills are immediately implementable. We are changing the way you learn data.

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