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Data Analyst Course

  • Weekend

In 3 weekends, learn all the skills required for the role of data analyst. From knowing how to extract information with SQL, through analysing data with Python, to presenting your findings with business intelligence (BI) tools. Achieve rapid career growth with our experienced instructors.

48 hours

3 weekends

SQL, Python, BI tools

Career workshop



Why Become an Analyst?

Data analysts help improve business operations by transforming raw data into actionable insights. This position is becoming more relevant as properly utilised data can increase sales, decrease costs, and improve understanding of potential clients. This high impact role requires lots of technical and communicational skills, however is rewarded with high salary, endless opportunities in various industries, and interesting problems to solve. As data continues to grow, don’t miss your chance to join the industry that everyone is talking about, learn all the skills required for a data analyst role in 3 weeks!

Course Info

Why Analyst Pathway?


Carefully curated

Focus only on those skills that are actually needed and used in the data industry. No need for other resources, all the information you need in one place.


Exclusive content

Receive additional material not offered in our other courses. Learn how to present your findings with visualisations and dashboards, receive advice on your resume and prepare for a job interview during the career workshop.


Experienced instructors

Learn from full-time data practitioners including analysts, scientists, and consultants. Speed up your growth by harnessing their real world experience!

How is Logytic Different?


Analyst in 3 weeks

Learn quick and save time! Master the fundamentals of data analysis over 3 weekends. No fluff to fill your days, just the essentials that you will use from day 1.

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Career help

Get inside knowledge about the data industry from professionals. Learn about available careers in data and build the fundamentals for future paths such as data science or engineering.


Think like a pro

Minimum theory, maximum practice! Immediately start solving exercises, so you can focus on exploring the problem and finding a solution. Understand the core concepts so you can adapt to different scenarios and use any tool.

Course Syllabus

What the course covers?

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for individuals with no prior experience in data analytics.

What is provided?
  • Coursebook – printed book including examples, exercises, and case study
  • Cheatsheet – reference for important clauses, operators, and functions
  • Setup Guide – instructions for setting up a database and python environment
  • Instructor – presentation and guidance from an experienced professional
  • Training Room – equipped with TV/projector and kitchenette facilities
What should I bring?
  • Laptop – Windows or Mac, capable of running PostgreSQL and Python 3
  • Lunch – optional, as we are located close to a variety of food options
  • Module 1: Basic SQL Knowledge
  • Familiarise yourself with fundamentals of SQL by filtering, aggregating and joining tables to see data in one place.
  • Module 2: Advanced SQL Knowledge
  • Learn how to combine multiple columns, run arithmetic operations and write more complex queries with conditions, nesting and common expressions.
  • Module 3: Databases Introduction
  • Learn fundamentals of relational databases and how to navigate in those by knowing how to update its structure.
  • Project
  • Solve real life case study prepared by our industry experts and present your findings to your peers and instructor to receive feedback.
  • Module 1: Data Understanding
  • Learn how to access and store data in Python environment. Expand your knowledge of data types and structures with basic programming concepts.
  • Module 2: Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Validate quality of your data and learn how to explore the data with filtering, aggregations, visualisations and descriptive statistics.
  • Module 3: Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Learn what is machine learning, and what are its practical applications in various industries.
  • Project
  • Solve another real life case study prepared by our industry experts and present your findings to your peers and instructor to receive feedback.

Day 1: Data Visualisation with Dashboard

  • Module 1: Dashboard Structure
  • Learn how to design the dashboard by applying required data structures, dimensions, measures and filters.
  • Module 2: Dashboard Building
  • Build interactive dashboard with engaging visualisations to tell compelling story about problems you solved with SQL and Python.

Day 2: Career Workshop – Our career advice and resume workshop specific to data industry

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Data Analyst Course

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  • Time
    3 Weekends – 0900 to 1700 Saturday and Sunday.
  • Learning Mode
    In-person (please contact us to attend sessions virtually).
  • Required Items
    Laptop (Windows or Mac) with completed setup.
  • Location
    Melbourne CBD – Ross House, 247 Flinders Lane.
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